A Breathable Bamboo Mouse with Natural Touch

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Bamboo Mouse gives that, perfect user experience, at the heart of this unique mouse, which is why it’s built with a combination of aluminum alloy and bamboo materials to enhance your tactile experience.

In practical terms, Bamboo Mouse will never overheat and will instead keep you feeling the cool touch of natural wood as you work.
it’s also unique because every bamboo item has a different texture.
Plus, the fascinating metallic luster of aluminum alloy will help make your Ice Mouse truly like no other!

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Bamboo Mouse offers the best of both wireless worlds. On the one hand, it is a 2.4G wireless mouse that lets you work from a distance of 10 meters with impressive precision and performance.

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On the other hand, Bamboo Mouse is a 4.0 Bluetooth-enabled device. Use its beautifully crafted bamboo-shelled receiver—the first of its kind—or don’t, if you prefer not to. The Bluetooth connection will still work, even without the receiver.

Ever thought about why your mouse is so much smaller than your hands? It’s absurd, right? That’s why Bamboo Mouse perfectly fits your hands’ size, measuring: 4.1”* 2.4”* 1.4”.
The Project is live on CrowdSource Funding Platdorm

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