Aerograde Alluminium Maxtand: Portable Sit-to-Stand Desk & Monitor Arm

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Here is a portable sit-to-stand monitor arm that can be used to turn any desk into a standing desk.

It can raise your laptop, monitor, or keyboard up to 15 inches and adjust them 360 degrees. The Maxtand can hold up to 40kg of weight. With 3 adjustable pivot points, you get 18+ positions to choose from.

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You can go from sitting to standing in seconds.

Solid, made of aero grade aluminum alloy
💡Portable standing desk
💡Take up minimal space on your desk
💡Raise your laptop or PC monitor up to 15 inches
💡3 Adjustable pivot points to more than 18 positions, multiple heights
💡5 Seconds transition from sitting to standing work, and vice versa

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