Artificial Intelligence in Prosthetic | A Boon for Amputees

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  • This is my first Blog, I have 20 years of experience in field  of technology, I recently had my left leg amputed, below the Knee and i was researching for prosthetic and before i opt for fitting Leg Prosthetic for below Knee<I came across Companies like Endolite, Ottobock(I have short Listed Ottobock as my Final  to fit Leg Prosthetic by 15th Feb) I realised AI in Prosthetic has changed the Prosthetic and Amputees life it Could be Leg, Hands and Fingers etc   I take this opportunity to  share the same with you all

This blog will cover Topic from  IoT, Technology, AI,Futuristic Technology to come in from 2030 t 2050  etc, The blog would be updated on  every Monday and Thursday) till the end of February) and subsequently, or earlier i would update every alternate days I would like to hear  your Comments, Views, feedback etc.

Thanks to advances in batteries, brain-controlled robotics, and AI, today’s mechanical limbs can do everything


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Brain-Operated Arm

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Capable of: Touching hands, reaching out Mind-controlled limbs aren’t new, but University of Pittsburgh scientists are working on an arm that can feel. Wires link the arm and brain, so when pressure is applied, a signal alerts the sensory cortex.

Here is You Tube Video Link to help you understand the product and it’s features.

Hand That Can See Objects or Products and Take Necessary Action

Capable of: Looking for an opportunity Researchers at Newcastle University have designed a hand with a tiny camera that snaps pics of objects in its view. Then an AI determines an action.

Here is Video Link for you to understand the same

Micro Processor and AI algorithm based Prosthetic Leg From

The Linx

With the Linx AI based prosthetic leg nothing is impossible, Unlike older lower-limb prosthetics, the Linx can tell when it’s sitting in a chair. At just under 3Kgs it relies on seven sensors that collect data on activity and terrain, helping the leg adapt to new situations.

Ottobock Genium X3

Unlike older lower-limb prosthetics, the Genium X3 has also microprocessor and  AI algorithm (Ottobock has been in Prosthetic for Longest Time)

Bionic Prosthetic Hand

It’s the only prosthetic hand with air-bubbled fingertips—great for typing and handling delicate objects  And because individual motors power natural movements, wearers can flip instantly.

And last look at this video you will be surprised at Skin Color based look alike Silicon Prosthetic Customised for each Patient.


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