BauBax: Pants with 15 unique Features

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    Why will you love our pants?
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    Comfortable enough to wear all day long.
    Perfect for travel thanks to small and lightweight packing size.
    Keep you warm in winter and cool in summer thanks to Bamboo viscose & Merino wool blend.
    Stay fresh for hours with anti-odor and stain resistant technology

    BauBax Pants feel  light and will not weigh you down. No more saggy pants that drop due to their own weight. Travel light!
    Ok, we all know the feeling how we could carry our wardrobe with us when we travel. Wish granted. Our pants pack small when rolled so you can carry more.
    Water Resistant
    When an unexpected drizzle or rain,  come around.the pants are water resistant.

    Stain Resistant

    We know spills happen, especially when you are on your 5th drink, joyously banging those glasses to cheers thats why they are stain resistant! Be it coffee, beer, wine, soda,the pants allow you to walk away without a stain

    Dynamic Stretch

    After sitting on those long, cramped, uncomfortable flights if you feel like stretching out, doing some loosening your muscles and exercise or Yoga Well now you can. Through dynamic stretch technology allows you to stretch your hearts out!

    Breathe in & Breathe out
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    Breathe in – Breathe out …. thats what pants do all the time. Allowing your skin to breathe while keeping you fresh like a tulip.
    No need to Wash +Stink free

    Feel so comfortable in pants that you just don’t want to remove them, Wear them night in day out without a wash. they won’t stink.
    Pockets more then Cargo but more convenient
    You want more pockets, but cargos are not your thing. With strategically placed pockets you can go from a hike to an elite party. without a change. Whats more? we made pockets secure and deep. The YKK zippered pockets give you a secure way to carry things that could easily slide out on a plane. Deep pockets allow you to carry more than just keys. To give you that sophisticated look the  designed pockets that blend in with each style.
    No more Hot in Sun 
    Travel and the sun go hand in hand and the pants are  covered quite literally. BauBax pants are UPF 50+ so you can go out and enjoy the sun! That means they only allow 1/50th of those harmful rays through. (Blocking 98% of the other UV rays). Whats more? all of this comes without any use of harmful chemicals which are found in most sunscreens.
    Look New Always
    Although natural fibers like Merino Wool and Bamboo are strong, they need a little help from Polyester to make sure your pant stays as good as new even if you wear them 365 days in a year.
    Bamboo viscose 
    This unique property of Bamboo is why the pants decided to go for Bamboo over Cotton. Bamboo viscose is 3X more absorbent than most cotton fibers, wicking moisture away from the skin much faster and keeping you dry and comfortable easier. Bamboo viscose can take in three times more water than its weight which once made into a fabric, means that it can absorb tons of moisture.
    Merino Wool on the outside helps wick away the moisture that the Bamboo has absorbed on the inside. The combined action of Bamboo Viscose and Merino Wool helps keep you dry, fresh, and comfortable.
    Cool and Hot in a jiffy
    Think of a sheep. When they get a bit chilly, they don’t head to the closet and grab another layer. When they get warm they don’t throw on a cotton t-shirt. They only get one shot at it and Mother Nature has given them the perfect clothing to keep them comfortable all year round in all kinds of conditions.
    Warming: Wool has a natural crimp to it that helps it trap more dead air than any other fiber. Dead air is a fantastic insulator and provides a great buffer against the cold.
    Cooling: Wool has the ability to store moisture within the structure of the fiber. As your body warms up, the moisture stored within the fiber will begin to evaporate, cooling the air between your skin and the fabric. The warmer you get the more evaporation takes place and the larger the cooling effec
    Merino wool is super fine, but yet it can cause an itch, trust us we scratched a lot. So, we smartly put Bamboo closer to your skin and Merino on the outside – to Ditch the Itch. You are welcome
    Quick to Dry Wicking Technology 
    For those times when you are on the road, we have got good news for you. BauBax pants are naturally quick to dry thanks to the wicking technology.
    The project is live on Kickstarter and each Pant starts @110$
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