Bilateral Wireless Charging explained in Detail

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What Is Bilateral Wireless Charging

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It’s coming to iPhones and Androids this year.
Bilateral wireless charging is going to change the ways we power to our devices. But just what is it, exactly?

We all know what wireless charging is. This allows us to place a phone, like the Samsung S10+ or iPhone XR🎂 devices, on a wireless charging mat to charge it. There’s no need to plug in these phone to a power source to charge it.

Most phones that are capable of wirelessly charging use the Qi standard.

Bilateral Wireless Charging EXPLAINED

2019 iPhone announced few days back has Bilateral Wireless Charging But it  was last year the Mate 20 Pro as one of the was one of the first phones to add Bilateral Charging. Likewise, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 is rumored to include bilateral wireless charging.

So what does bilateral wireless charging do? It allows a device that is capable of receiving a wireless charging signal to use its integrated tech to transfer its own battery capacity to another device. In other words, phones with bilateral wireless charging built-in can charge other devices wirelessly.

Bilateral wireless charging allows your phone to charge other devices wirelessly on its own.

And It’s NOT Just For Phones (You Can Do AirPods As Well…)

This is going to be HUGE in the coming years. That’s because, notably, wireless earbuds, such as Apples AirPods, are becoming the norm. These wireless earbuds usually have a wireless charging case that you need to place on a wireless charging mat to charge. Their case can also be plugged into a standard USB-C port to recharge the earbuds.

So, the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S10+ and next iPhone will be capable of charging AirPods simply by placing the AirPods in their charging case on top of the iPhone.

With bilateral Charging in New phones coming to Market using wireless earbuds more practical as if they run out of power during the day you can just transfer some of your phone’s battery power to them to keep them going.


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