FLXCUF Clear-Cut Pack Cuff Holders²⁰1

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Don’t let defiant sleeves stand in your way of looking your best. The FLXCUF Clear-Cut Pack Cuff Holders keep them right where you want them. Simply fold up your sleeves and let the FLXCUF do the rest.

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Holding your cuffs perfectly in place, this flexible dress shirt solution is complete with a button and hole. Just roll your sleeves to where you want them and align the FLXCUF. Then, simply attach the corresponding button and hole on your shirt cuff. The FLXCUF measures 2.75 inches and stretches an additional two inches, ensuring the perfect and most comfortable fit. You can go about your entire day without having to constantly re-roll and adjust your sleeves. Whether you roll up to your forearm or beyond the elbow, the FLXCUF holds steady. Additionally, the FLXCUF comes in a set of two pairs including a black with black trim and white with brown trim. Both sophisticated styles will blend in perfectly with every shirt in your closet.

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