HercFibér A unique material for Travel TShirt which is Self Cleaning

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HercFibér is a unique material created that blends together three different fibers to get the exact features as desired. These materials are put together in a unique combination to create a never before made material that is perfect for travel lovers like you.

The self-cleaning works thanks to biology. Let me explain it a bit more:

Most materials act as a petri dish for bacteria; helping smell-causing bacterias to grow in the fiber while they feed on your sweat. The more time and sweat, the more bacteria grow on the material and releases increasingly worse odor.
Thankfully, HercFibér isn’t like most fibers:

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Well, HercFibér’s unique blend of fibers grows bacteria very slowly while you’re wearing it, but once you take it off, it starts cleaning itself by killing the smell-causing bacteria and so by the morning, it smells clean again.

Unlike cotton and other materials that keep on growing bacteria until it turns to mold/mildew, Apollo’s material does the opposite, by actively getting rid of the bacteria.

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