OmniFob Key Fob Finger Sized IOT Remote for All Devices

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From day one our primary goal at Keyport has been to transform the bulky, jingly, unwieldy, and often unattractive keychain into a stylish multi-tool for the modern lifestyle that streamlines keys, remotes, pocket tools, and smart tech. OmniFob is the final piece in our modular everyday carry system that bridges the gap between a pocket full of unwieldy personal items and a completely connected world.

Now, whether it is physical or digital, you can carry less, do more, and add a little sophistication to your everyday carry at the same time.
OmniFob is a finger-sized key fob that transforms any standard keychain into a connected life remote providing quick and easy access to your favorite smart functions

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without having to lug around multiple cumbersome remotes,
without having to pull out your oversized smartphone, and
without having to use both hands when you’re on the go or have your hands full.
Open your garage, unlock your door, turn on your lights, start your car, find your keys, call for help, and more all in one VERY smart fob that attaches easily to any conventional keychain and that is also compatible with Keyport’s modular Slide 3.0, Pivot, and Anywhere Tools.

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