Panasonic introduces AI , Human Insight Technology & Emotion Sensor

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Panasonic introduces Human Insight Technology,
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Human Insight Technology, the coolest and futuristic smart-home tech I’ve ever seen.

These proof-of-concept devices use cameras and heat sensors to monitor who you are and how you’re feeling. In the future, they could use this information to customize your lighting, heat, music, and the rest of your home.

The first (and probably closest to market) is a character sensor, which Panasonic currently has built into a mirror. Stand in front of said mirror, and it immediately identifies and displays your age, gender and heart rate. The company claims it’s only wrong 0.001% of the time.

When this tech hits the market, .  could live, for example, in a security camera to identify unwelcome guests in your home. I can also see its use in airports, or even retail (goodbye, fake IDs).

But the best according to me, is the emotion-sensing technology. This could outfit a number of smart devices in the future (including your phone), but it’s currently in a chair. Sit down in this chair, and you’ll see a map of your current happiness, temperature, stress, and irritation, computed using your expression, temperature, odor, and seat pressure.

Now no more creating Scene  or pressing Scene options. Your home could play happy music when you’re feeling sad. Your lights could dim to more soothing colors when you’re stressed.

These technologies are still in the research and development phase, so there’s no release date in sight yet.

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