SIMO: Brilliantly Engineered Portable Bluetooth Modular Surround Sound Speakers

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Portable, Modular Speakers
This technology is mind-blowing! You can use SIMO as a single, powerful speaker or separate the 4 speakers (or 3…or 2…or 1) to use as a portable, modular surround sound system! Can you say IMAX from your phone!

Living Room Quality
Forget forking over $1,000 for a high quality surround sound system. SIMO leverages the same technology as those systems and sounds as good as the name brands like Bose, JBL, and Beats by Dre.

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Brilliant Engineering
SIMO’s one-of-a-kind engineering makes it stand apart from any other speaker system on the market. It’s made up of 4 magnetically attached sub-unit speakers that can be separated and placed in any space for high-quality crisp surround sound!

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Wireless Connection Technology
SIMO leverage innovative, ubiquitous Bluetooth technology that allows any smart device (phone, tablet, laptop, TV) to quickly and seamlessly connect to the SIMO Audio System.

Simultaneous Contact Charging
Unlike other surround sound solutions which require independent charging of each and every speaker in the bundle, SIMO magnetically connects to charge as one unit saving you time and electricity.

Built-In Microphone
A convenient built-in microphone lets you use SIMO as a speaker phone or to keep in touch with Siri from afar!

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