The Motorola Razr V4 Folding Smartphone


Foldable phones seem to be all the rage at the moment, but don’t forget where they came from. The Motorola Razr V4 Folding Smartphone is a new iteration of the company’s famous early folding phones.

With the original hinged design, this smartphone isn’t quite vintage: it actually has a folding OLED display. When completely open, the screen offers a wide aspect ratio perfect for watching movies—and the hinge is completely hidden. The main screen on this Razr smartphone is 6.2 inches, while the external display is about three inches in size. The external display provides room for a few Quick Settings as well as a spot for notifications. Additionally, this folding phone uses Bluetooth 5.0 and Google Assistant, and the external screen lets you know when it hears you. This nostalgic phone is available in limited numbers through Verizon

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