Wallor – World’s Most Advanced Smart Wallet

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Ok,Is your wallet full with IDs? Bank cards? A super important business card? Exclusive membership cards? Tickets from the World Cup Cricket Final Match. that you attended with your kid? Well, the most important question is what do you risk losing if you lost your wallet today!?”

Let me introduce you: World’s Most Advanced Smart Wallet

Wallor is the world’s most innovative smart wallet with 7 useful functions: Global GPS Tracking, AR Detection, RFID Tracking, 2 Way Audible Page, Wireless Charging, RFID Protection.

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All this in a slim 8mm thick wallet hand stitched with premium quality Nappa leather (that is why Wallor is ultra resistant, scratch proof and can handle the wear and tear of your most active lifestyle, and due to detailed craftsmanship it comes in super functional design with a slim, modern and elegant look).

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Wallor wallet (excluding the Basics range) has an integrated tracking device which connects with your phone through the mobile app. Through the Wallor app, you can GPS track your wallet, in real time, anywhere in the world. If your wallet gets stolen or left behind, you get notified through the app as soon as your phone and your wallet are out of the range. You can also track your keys, passport, cards, ID and any other valuables with the Wallor Tracking Tags (ultra thin stickers that never need to charge, stick them to anything you hold dear and track them using your smartphone at a range of up to 165 feet /50 meters).

Wallor comes in 3 features: Cardholder(power bank 1.500mAh, 80 grams), Bifold(power bank 2.500 mAh, 100 grams), and Travel(power bank 4.000 mAh, 120 grams)

Wallor is using Bluetooth 5.0, so you can always count on a seamless connection and a high fidelity true wireless experience. Compared to previous Bluetooth devices, you’ll have 8x more data transferred at 2x the speed in a 4x bigger range.

This amazing wallet comes with an easy to use app that connects to your phone and you get notified anytime you leave it behind or your wallet is out of sight. And the tracking tags are the icing on the cake. (edited) Alerts for your key valuables override your phone’s silent mode. As well you can customize it with different sounds or snooze when you’re safe. Set the dates for your trip on the calendar and list all the tagged items you need. If you leave home without any of them, you get notified.

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