COVID -19 Pro Guard Safety Key : Does FDA and BGA approval matter?

Img 20200630 Wa0050
Img 20200630 Wa0050
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You already know the proper ways to minimize the likelihood of contracting COVID-19 disease. You should forget shaking hands and hugging your friends for a while. You should wash your hands often and wear a mask. You should also avoid touching things in public spaces. But how about buttons and doors? Well, Covid Safety Key is The Answer.

You should avoid touching your face too, but it happens. People who are already carrying the dangerous SARS-CoV-2 virus may touch their face and then use the elevator or touch a hand rail. Then you might touch the same thing and then touch your face – voilà, you’re not sick. Viruses my linger on surfaces for hours and even days, but you cannot go anywhere without touching certain objects in public places.

Safety Key in use

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Although it might seem like a very simple tool, it actually took some effort to design. MUKESH SHARMA of Operando Design the Manufacturers made Pro Guard Key With Unique Features
. High alcohol resistance
. High barrier resistance
• Exceptional flexibility
• Low moisture absorption
• Chemically resistant
• Sress cracking resistance
• Comparatively low density
. Anti – bacterial
. Anti – static
• FDA and BGA approved for food

The Safety Key is actually very cheap – it costs less than 15 to 20 Rs , i(Approx US $0.50 to 0.75 $)ncluding materials and manufacturing. And it is easy to maintain – because it is made from plastic But Getting FDA approval and Certain Features etc is no Easy Task.

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Shishir Kumar one of the Other Manufactures is Offering Covid Key at Rs 20 to 25 in 4 Different Colors etc

The Safety Key can be made on virtually any 3D printer. The design is not patented so it can be produced anywhere in the world. But a Person looking to use this Covid Key with FDA approval Customised Branding Engraving etc tilts the favour in Branded and Quality of Pro Guard Key.Of course, washing hands, not touching your face and wearing a face mask is still very important.

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