Lenovo Yoga C740 Responsive Touchscreen Laptop


It may not be the flashiest computer, but the Lenovo Yoga C740 Responsive Touchscreen Laptop does what you need it to. And it does so at a fairly budget price, too, which is often the deciding factor. This touch laptop comes in 14- and 15-inch sizes, both of which offer a Full HD display. And they use a 10th-Generation Intel Core processor.

Moreover, these laptops each come in at well below the $1,000 mark. This makes them affordable purchases for most people in the computer market. With super-thin designs, they’re ideal for students and professionals who need to take their computers with them. Furthermore, they’re made for fun, too, as they boast Dolby Atmos speakers. With a secure fingerprint scanner and a privacy shutter for your webcam, this responsive touchscreen laptop has an overall durable aluminumchassis.

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